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Tons of food I ate in Japan

Tak jak w tytule. Naprawdę jadłam sporo w Japonii :) Ale nie mogłam się powstrzymać! Wszystko było przepyszne! A na dodatek miałam doborowe towarzystwo, idealnych przewodników i prywatnego kucharza :D  Nie dało się inaczej :)
Just like the titles says I did ate a lot in Japan! :) Just couldn't resist. Everything was so yummy! And I had a great company, perfect tour guides and a private chef :D There was no other way!
Special thank-you-s to my beautiful friends who showed me all those delicious things! #Mayumi&Randy #Kazunori #Risa muah!

Green Tea Parfaid - Most original in the whole Kyoto :) thanks to Mayumi & iPhone navigation :P it looks like ice cream, but couldn't be more wrong :)
Takoyaki Osaka style - best place in the city thanks to Kazunori

ups and what's that :)

Best Place ever! all healthy and all you can eat :) Love and wish we had one here

My everyday to-go breakfast. In Japan you can buy sushi everywhere and it's all fresh and most delicious

OMG Melon&Mango cake

Our favorite rise snack. We could eat it all the time. And it was so beautifully packed it was a shame to through out the packaging. Special treats from Mayumi's mum

Mayumi and delicious hot pot! I need to get one of these for Polish winters :)

aaaaaaaaaa Macha Latte aaaaaaaaa

Best subway ever! Shrimps and avocado! Foot-long was not enough

Most beautiful and relaxing restaurant in the mountains. While waiting for your turn you can go for a walk or just relax near the river. And you'll need it cause you'll eat only if you catch the noodle ... with your chopsticks :D

-What's that?
- Dancing mushrooms
- Why do you call them dancing?
- Cause it makes you wanna dance once you eat them :)

Home made okonomiyaki - Osaka style :) courtesy of our private chef - Kazunori :)

My standard launch in Japan :) Totally different than breakfast

Most delicious dinner with the best company ever :) 2 answers for most obvious questions:
1. yes we ate it all and even more :) (Mayumi you have a photo with our faces once we were paying)
2. Totally different than breakfast and launch :)


... and ordering some more :)

Delicious udon with seeweet - perfect on the go

only the table was a bit too low for most of us :D

After okonomiyaki Osaka style, we needed to try Hiroshima style to compare. Hmm couldn't choose

Perfect dinner - California style in Kamakura

Restaurant on the top of the skyscraper in Tokyo! Seriously?!

Last available table - Seriously?!

Maybe not a typical Japanese dish, but SO DELICIOUS

And we forgot to make a photo before :) so here's a photo - after.
My answer for an obvious question - yes we ate it all :)

Most beautiful view from the top of the word!

And the breakfast - this time Hawaiian style :) yet another reason to go to Hawaii

another delicious udon and tempura shrimps - perfect snack before bed :)

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